[theforum] evolt.org layout/typography driving me nuts

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Nov 9 19:13:09 CST 2008

.:| From: Erika
.:| The only thing I removed were broken links to d.e.o. (there is still
.:| one
.:| dead d.e.o. link left in the sidebar).
.:| Yesterday I removed the sticky article from 2004.

Right. That just means that before you removed anything someone else did. No
need to rewind - or indeed it would probably make matters worse.

.:| rest.  I have no understanding of what the front page is trying to
.:| accomplish right now.

As it was designed, it was supposed to be a gateway into four different
areas of evolt.org. evolt.org's main problem remains to be that the other
three weren't properly implemented into the front page as intended ... and
apparantly other things that had a meaning removed.

.:| Since we don't have a real process for improving the site, I have an
.:| issue with not allowing small changes.  This is not a static site

I wasn't really objecting to small changes, making small changes as a
maintenance is an everyday process - all days, every day.
I was rather commenting on the fact that after decision on revamping changes
would be made at teo and then migrated - but hey, I'm not an active
participant, I'm only a loud bystander, so I don't get a vote.

.:| Another thing I find really difficult (this is absolutely not
.:| directed
.:| at you Elfur, it's just a general sentiment) -- is that there is a
.:| tendency to make sweeping criticisms of someone's efforts, while not
.:| making similar effort.

Yes, this is true. My comments were not meant to be such an email. I
sincerely appologise if that was your understanding. I truly value your time
and energy donated to evolt.org in the past weeks and beg of you not to let
my comments defeat you.

.:| On and off over the years this has been an
.:| issue
.:| at evolt.  The result seems to be, that as long as we are at a point
.:| of
.:| *stasis*, everything is cool.

No everything is far from cool and a change is very much called for. Mine
was just a comment on methodology and not meant to shut down the upgrade
project that I hope is running, although the silence of certain individuals
perhaps indicates that participation is lesser than wished for.

.:| As  soon as things taking a shape or
.:| direction, the controversies start, and continue until people give
.:| up,
.:| leave, or both.

This has been true in the past. And let me therefore reiterate - this was
not my intention, please note that.

.:| > I disagree partly. For the upgrade to be planned and worked out -
.:| teo is the
.:| > only worry atm.
.:| It's a pretty significant issue for someone trying to work on the
.:| site.

You're misunderstanding my comment. I was trying to decrease the worry by
indicating that you only had to worry about one of the two. But of course it
is significant and perhaps only should have been covered with quotes.

.:| >  To solve this issue I
.:| > can donate a temporary parking place for a D6 testing area
.:| will this solve the issue?  We are going to Greek it or...? So we add
.:| another step?  move from Elfur's server to t.e.o and then from t.e.o
.:| to
.:| w.e.o?

If the proplem is testing modules, then it solves the issue - temporarily.
I specifically mentioned that this would not mean a mirror of teo/weo, but
rather to make up for lost time between now and whenever the server will be
ready for D6 install.

.:| I think pretty much anyone here can set up Drupal 6 somewhere.  I
.:| think
.:| that having the evolt content to work with is pretty important.  But
.:| I
.:| might be wrong.

It depends on the tasks that need to be solved. Different people can set up
D6 somewhere indeed, what I was offering was a shared account with ability
to install modules (db access et al) for all the team to work on and test
until the other server is ready. Again, you mentioned that time was of
essence and module testing needed to be underway - I offered an interim
solution. The offer resides on the table, whether you take it or leave it is
up to you guys.

.:| I don't know... I might be misunderstanding.  I do know that I have
.:| to
.:| move on from this in the next couple of months.
.:| Right now, am happy to do as much as I can, including coding our
.:| front
.:| end (assuming we have a design), and keep working on content.

Well, module testing is within your range, given an area to test them in -
but, this is your choice, of course.

.:| But by
.:| Demeber 15 I will be moving into maintenance mode (and stopping
.:| payment
.:| on the project management site.)
.:| Thanks,

No, thank you.
I truly hope that you'll succeed with this project because evolt.org needs
people like you.

Even though I do have more time on my hands than before october 6th, I feel
like I need to donate my time solving local problems rather than evolt.org's
problems. But I'll probably still be giving my (sometimes rattling) kronur [1]


[1] The equivalence of $0.02 in Icelandic currency.

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