[theforum] evolt.org layout/typography driving me nuts

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Nov 10 10:10:42 CST 2008

William Anderson wrote:
> Personally I think we need to stop painting the bike shed and start from
> a blank canvas.  Now.  Nut'n like a deadline to invigorate the mind, cf
> nanowrimo :)

I thought I had done that to a degree, keeping purpose, audience and 
goals in mind, and working from Martin's colophon, and using familiar 
elements such as logo, etc, while taking risks w/ some things (most of 
which went over like a lead balloon).

But yes, I had in mind the things about evolt.org that in the past had 
worked for me as a regular evolt.org a site-user.  I think that is a 
good way to work.

Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself, the book which featured usability 
chapters from: eBay, Metafilter, BBC News, and evolt.org (the latter by 
Adrian Roselli), though a bit dusty, is actually still a very good book. 
  I was just reading the eBay chapter this morning.   There was a ton of 
good info in there about issues w/ redesigning a high-traffic site.  A 
few things jumped out:

1. you need to keep basic elements that users know.  (This is ultimately 
as much "branding" IMO as colors and such, as well as usability)  For 
me, on evolt.org, this means links (probably in the horizontal bar) to 
"browsers" and "lists."  In the old days, the third link was "community" 
which was essentially and "about us" page.  I think we need that, 
because "community" is one thing that we have to offer that is different 
from other lists/groups.  They may  have community, but ours is a bit 
more human welcoming than many.  I think that is really what people are 
here for, and we should go back to the time when we brought that 
forward.  That is why our "about us" has been important to me.

2. with a large audience even a 1% increase in usability can a have huge 

3. I've said this before but it bears repeating: don't just think about 
what to add, think about what to take away.  Everything you take off a 
page makes everything else that much clearer!  KISS

4. Form follows function.

6. Form follows function.

7. Form follows function.


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