[theforum] new server staus

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Mon Nov 10 12:08:10 CST 2008

Hi All,

I've received a couple of emails offlist asking where I'm at with 
installing Debian/Ubuntu on the new server, because this task is blocking 
progress on the redesign, and I'd just like to say:

Holy cow!  I didn't realize that getting this new machine up and running
(with the new operating system) was blocking progress on the redesign!

I'm sorry -- I haven't been able to read every post on theforum last month
(I have about 100 unread right now) but I had read in this thread:

that the current server *could* run Drupal 6, so I assumed that the upgrade
was not waiting on the new box (or me!)

Now I see that I missed Dean's last post:

where he says the version of MySQL we're currently running is too old --  
damn.  I really hate it that I'm slowing this down ...and especially that I 
didn't even know it!  I knew everyone was eager to get the upgrade, but I 
didn't realize that the site redesign couldn't even be *developed* on the 
existing box, on teo or something...

Apparently, the general sentiment is now "Pay The Planet technicians their 
damned $150 to install the O/S" and quick farkin around, Dave" :-) and 
while I had hoped to have completed this ambitious remote O/S install long 
before now, I'm certainly not opposed to paying someone else to do it, if 
that helps us to get over the finish line in time.

So I'll be burning the midnight oil tonight and if I can't get it done by 
tomorrow (or if I "brick" the server :-)) I'll go ahead and pay the planet 
monkeys the $150 to do the custom O/S install.

My cheapness has gotten the better of me before, but this was really stupid 
of me -- especially since now that we paid for two servers for part of 
October, and part of November.. one more month and it would cost just as 
much to rent the double-server rental, as if I'd just paid them to do it in 
the first place!

Sheesh -- sorry I was blocking everyone with this!  I'll get it done 


[1] easy to say because while it sounds quite soon-ish, no one really knows 
exactly how long a forth of a with really is!

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