[theforum] Server Migration

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Mon Nov 10 07:20:32 CST 2008

Adrinux wrote:

> on 2008/11/8 Erika wrote:
>> How is our server migration
>> coming?
>David is attempting to avoid the $150 charge by remote installing 
>As of 28th October David had some success with his test remote
>installs (using a virtual machine) but was having a few issues with
>his fallback options (in case of an error) - he's being "careful and

>  Is this something we can make happen in the next week or two?
>No idea, it's really all in David's hands at the moment. But maybe
>it's time to push forward with it - the consensus on #evolt seemed to
>be that we should just pay the $150 and get on with it. Maybe we
>should suggest to David that just do it, and if he runs into problems
>pays the $150?

So while careful & paranoid are no bad things, we're no further forward in 
actual ability to migrate than we were a month ago.

Look, let's JFDI - pay the $150 dammit and get on with it.
(Presumably the end result will be unsupported which is OK, but we can 
expect a thorough job on the install)


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