[theforum] new server staus

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Nov 11 13:12:46 CST 2008

David Kaufman wrote:
> [server snippage]
> Actually GREAT NEWS there: I successfully booted the new server into debian 
> etch at 4am this morning! (it's after lunch time as I write this)  so, 
> about 6 hours ago... ~10am GMT?  Then I had to go to work.
> I installed Debian etch on, and booted from, the *swap* partition of the 
> CentOS server (no I'm not crazy -- that's actually how its done: 
> http://www.underhanded.org/papers/debian-conversion/remotedeb.html).  And 
> now that the big CentOS root partition is freed up, I can blow it away and 
> copy my new root fs to it, remount everything the right way again and it'll 
> be a bright, shiny new debian etch box!

Dude.  That's fucking awesome, well done :)

> Sorry I didn't get to Ubuntu in my virtual testing -- I must've done this 6 
> or 7 times on my virtual etch and CentOS machines, getting it wrong in 
> different and interesting ways each time, so that was the route I knew how 
> to go.

No probs, I'd rather have etch than nothing at all, and it gives us an
ugprade path to lenny in a few months also.


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