[theforum] evolt gear in black?

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Nov 12 18:51:20 CST 2008

Not intended as a complaint, but just a wondering why there is not more 
evolt gear w/ black bgs since we love our logo on black so much.  Is it 
simply a matter of not having the logo hand w/ the white text?

I'm working on yafedfe (yet another front end design for evolt) and this 
issue came up for me as well.  Evolt font, century gothic, is available 

I could get it for Mac PS but it would cost me a little bit, it looks 

If we are going to put the logo on black (for the website), we'll need 
to work w/ the original font, right, to get it really nice looking. So I 
was thinking about the evoltgear thing too...

who ordered something from evoltgear, like, a month ago and has heard 

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