[theforum] front page questions

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Nov 13 09:26:38 CST 2008

per #evolt discussion of yesterday/today

if you were gonna have a w.e.o front page that had small pithy 
descriptions of each area of the site (lists, browsers, about us, donate 
or support) -- how would you word it (all but "about us" -- i have what 
I think is good text for that).

so how would you word the blurbs for: browsers, lists, donate

these would be small content areas on the front page, with action 
oriented links (tell me what the links would say and where they would 
go, if you were king of evolt.org front page).

any other thoughts about front door? and/or any other 2nd level 
navigation stuff.



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