[theforum] colors

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Nov 14 09:55:09 CST 2008

adrinux wrote:
> 2008/11/14 Elfur Logadóttir <elfur at elfur.is>:
>> work = blue (lists + articles = work)
>> well, lists and lists aren't the same thing. For me, thechat would be
>> community >> green, while thelist/theforum would be blue.
> Well, there was some talk of dropping the whole work/test/community
> thing - mystery meat navigation as erika said 

Tara called it mm nav, I think she has a point.  however!  it doesn't 
mean that we can't subtly call up a similarity w/ articles and lists by 
using blue for both of them (if we want), without necessarily making the 
connection explicit by calling them both "work."  Another possible 
payoff for limiting our use of color to 3 or 4 is to keep in the rgb 
theme.  As long as what we do isn't confusing in some way.

I am too lazy to look atm but I'm having a strong recollection that 
green for community goes back to the 1.0 days.  I am pretty certain that 
our top bar on the about us pages back then was green (front door bar 
was blue).  Not sure about the browsers page.... check archive.org


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