[theforum] New server [finally] ready!

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Fri Nov 14 15:45:44 CST 2008

I'm pleased to announce that evolt's new server (named "tron") is finally 
up and running Debian 4.0 (etch)!

Users with logins on tempest now also have accounts on tron, and may:

  ssh tron.evolt.org

from their accounts on tempest using ssh public keys I've pre-generated for 
everyone and installed on tron.  Once you het there please set your 

The tron.evolt.org address is not the in public dns, just in the hosts 
files of the two machines -- I couldn't figure out how to edit the bind 
zone files on tempest and didn't want to wait.

Those in the sysadmin group on tempest are also in the sysadmin group on 
tron and may sudo to root in the same way.

Let the games begin!


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