[theforum] colors & support block

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Nov 17 10:08:13 CST 2008

Simon MacDonald wrote:
> 1- I agree that evolt should be continuously driving for funding. 

I think the issue is more about approach and whether to open up the site 
for advertising via google.  (The latter really doesn't sit right with me.)

In a sense, it seems to me that what we are looking at is a small-scale 
capital campaign.  I mean, if we could get $3,000, we'd be doing pretty 
good for a while, right?  So what if we made it a capital campaign with 
a goal of $5,000 ish?

The money could be used to keep evolt going for a period of time as site 
improvements are made, maybe improvements to merch and how we market it, 
improvements to b.e.o... see if we can't get back to being supported by 

(along with our ongoing funding block.)

We don't need the kind of money most nonprofits need -- no one is 
getting paid, we don't have much for gear. right?  So we need some 
money, but not tens of thousands.

But yes, an alternate method (to a capital campaign) would be to try to 
get that constant funding $10 a month or whatever.

> 3- Evolt Merchandise - It doesn't seem to have much of a presence on the
> site - how much of this is actually sold - does this need more prominence?

I'm working on another front-end that features it more prominently, but

1. I'm wondering how much we actually make off of each piece

2. we need more in black

3. I am having a negative personal experience w/ it. I ordered a shirt a 
month ago and now am in the place where I'm going to have to track it 
down w/ cafepress.  Not thrilled about it.


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