[theforum] colors & support block

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 17 10:50:38 CST 2008

Martin Burns suggested:

>>Right, so you have a smart block, which solicits support thusly:
>>1) for non-registered users says (summary):
>>2) for registered users says (summary)
>>3) for registered users with the 'donor' role says (summary):

Hi Martin,

Mmmmm Cookies!  Nice!  I like the contextual nag-block idea a lot.

[Meh ... Okay, let's auction off the 16-month "colour me" rights to the nag-block and more forward already.  Here, I'll put $5 on sea foam green.]

+1 for more black schwag though.  From the guy who still proudly wears his evolt blackhat.  (It's a very nicely made hat!)

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