[theforum] colors & support block

Tara Cleveland tara.cleveland at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 14:36:14 CST 2008

Martin wrote:
> [1] Speaking of which, I've just re-instated my monthly paypal gift.
> Credit-crunch notwithstanding, I *know* that for many (most?) of us, US
> $10 is less than we spend on coffee a week, or only part of an evening
> in the pub. Members of theforum are just as much members as anyone
> else, and shouldn't consider ourselves as exempt from the shared
> financial responsibility. So - particularly at the moment while we've
> two servers to support -  can you please join me?

I really don't think it's appropriate to hector people on this list
for money or make them feel guilty in any way or shame them into
donating money if they can't afford it. Not everyone makes even close
to what people in the UK can make and lots of people are in different
circumstances with different ability to pay. People here on theforum
are donating as they can with time, effort, content, expertise as
*well* as money. We *all* know that neither money nor evolt grows on
trees and so making people feel shitty about not donating money while
tooting your own horn about how much you've donated is out of line -
even if you say please.


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