[theforum] Nasty accusations: knock it off

Tara Cleveland tara.cleveland at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 15:56:28 CST 2008

Hey All,

I don't have any problems with asking people for money, or, in fact,
with donating money myself. I have (in the past) donated regularly to
evolt. However I took exception with the tone of Martin's post. I felt
hectored. Since I don't actually have any income right now it's
possible that I'm particularly sensitive to this, but I know I'm not
the only one in this climate that is feeling... pinched about money...
no matter where in the world we live.

Here's how I would have changed the tone:

[1]  just to point out in a clear way what's been said in a roundabout
way in other posts, we're not making enough from our BEO google ads in
order to support our servers ('cause we have a new one now) and in
that vein we need some more donations! I know we all work hard on the
site in all kinds of ways, but if you can be one of those people to
dig a little deeper into your pocket and help out with a donation
(especially a monthly one!) evolt could really use it right now.

See... now that asks for money, acknowledges that we on the list
already do work and contribute.  It doesn't use guilt about how I
spend the money I do have, or one-upmanship about money other people
have donated - which even though Martin may not have meant it that way
- is how I felt when read his post.  That's the difference, for me,
between hectoring and asking.

I do think that asking everyone including forum members to donate is
valid and reasonable and actually a very good idea since as it's been
pointed out we're the ones most likely to donate money. It's the *way*
that it was asked that I really felt was out of line. I don't think we
need to make each other feel bad in order to get each other to help
out financially.


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