[theforum] Funding evolt: responsibility

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 18 08:55:20 CST 2008

Erika noted:

>>I think the problems come when someone suggests something, and someone else takes it as a command.

Ah!  Okay.  I didn't read it that way but cool.  That makes it a simple editing issue and we can fix that easy!

How do, y'all, feel about a PBS style approach?  I really like what the folks at UserFriendly have done.  (Shucks, I just like the folks and the vibe at UserFriendly anyway.)  I think this may be roughly in alignment with the original suggestion as well as the nebulous 'spirit of evolt' as well:

I think five tiers is probably too many for us ... but I think we have the juice to offer some desirable schwag that folks can only get by donating 'x', eh?


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