[theforum] A sound of silence

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Nov 20 14:50:27 CST 2008

> Matt Warden wrote:
> I can't get excited about building (or configuring) a home that no one
> is going to live in, and I doubt I'm alone. evolt doesn't need a face
> lift or an upgrade to PHP5; it needs its community back.

I agree with the last sentiment wholeheartedly.  Though I'd like to
continue to give props to those who are still around, care, and actively
doing stuff.  But many are not.  Would some be inclined to come back?  I
don't know.  Do you?

There are new list members too, who might be inclined to come in to the
fray.  We have a couple new people but we could seek others.

I'm not saying that we don't have the capability to get stuff done right
now... I do feel like cynicism and personal attacks are taking a toll.

IMO all a person really needs to do is go write an article, just start
doing stuff you know needs to be done, to start turning things in a more
positive direction.  Enthusiasm can be contagious.


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