[theforum] on milestones and deadlines

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Nov 20 18:25:41 CST 2008

the idea behind setting "deadlines" or shall we say "milestones" is:

1. because this is a fairly complex effort. some people need to wait for
other things to happen before they can make certain things happen... so if
person x is on task, person y can relax and know that in so many weeks,
he/she can move forward with his/her part.

The only thing I asked at the beginning of the process (as self-appointed
project manager) was that if someone couldn't make something happen around
a milestone(which I was hoping people would set for themselves), that
he/she ping theforum, so that others could make necessary adjustments to
their schedules, and/or the task could be taken on by someone else.  So we
wouldn't stall out!

Not a lot of people have set themselves milestones.  OTOH some people have
done a great job at following through on tasks.  So far so good enough!

2. because some of us work *better* with a goal in mind.  I certainly do. 
I don't think I could stomach an endless evolt.org brainstorm, where
nothing actually happens (godot again!).  I sure would lose interest.  By
having a goal date, I know that there is an LIGHT at the end of this
tunnel, should I decide I need to focus energy and finances in other areas
of my life.

3. Finally, because missing the opportunity of our tenth anniversary to
have something to show in terms of life, community, vitality, would be a
huge PR/community-building opportunity lost.

hope that makes sense.

So I think that big thinking and new directions are great, and that if
someone is inspired to take that charge, they should. I am on board.

But there is no reason to stop the efforts we started back in September in
order to do said big thinking.


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