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Fri Nov 21 09:27:57 CST 2008

2008/11/21 William Anderson <neuro at well.com>:
> We should continue in the awesome fiery spirit erika has restoked, and
> make this community not only vibrant again, but relevant.

A bit of an aside, but I've been looking at the beta of this new mac
app choosy[1] and they're using  a service called uservoice[2,3] to
garner feedback and feature requests. The interesting thing is that
you're given a set number of votes to 'spend' on features. It costs
you one to submit a feature and you spend the rest on other peoples
suggestions. It's a nice positive way to get people to focus on which
features they'd most like implemented.

I've always wanted a better bug tracker/feedback mechanism for
evolt.org hence my failed attempt to get project.module doing
something useful last time around. This strikes me as an idea why
might steal, even if we don't use the service itself.

[1] http://www.choosyosx.com/  (warning: starts playing an intro movie
on arrival)
[2] http://uservoice.com/
[3] http://choosy.uservoice.com/

Adrian Simmons | http://perlucida.com

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