[theforum] A sound of silence

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 11:06:27 CST 2008

Matt Warden wrote:
> If we can agree that we need to work on the community side of things,
> I'm willing to help. If we don't agree about that, then let's just
> come to that conclusion that so I can avoid wasting my time.
I've been a lurker on theforum lately. I tried to get more involved a
while ago, but it just didn't happen. Now I have a 14-month old - need I
say more? But I love evolt, so I feel I should speak up.

Things seemed to be moving along well for a while, until Matt's message
came through. Now we're reduced to arguing about what community is and
why our site seems to have lost some of the community feel it once had.
I for one would like to see this discussion move on from "what is a
community" to "what is OUR community" and from "why is our sense of
community dwindling" to "how can we reenergize our community". Most
importantly we need to move from "what was evolt" to "what should evolt

Evolt may not be what it once was because the online world is not what
it once was. We filled a void then that does not need to be filled now.
So now that we are one amongst many, how will we be different or better?

I don't have then answers, so I hope I've at least asked the right
questions :)

sarah adams
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