[theforum] on milestones and deadlines

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Nov 21 12:58:20 CST 2008


new stuff on b.e.o.!!!! HELL TO THE YEAH!!!

> awesome evolt.org ready for the 10th anniv date is now unrealistic, and
> that we should instead use the date as an opportunity to promote
> evolt.org, to define / redefine what we as a community hope to achieve,
> to lay down stronger foundations for the future, and to use the time
> from that point on to implement changes that come out of these
> discussions and those still to come.

Whether evolt.org is spanky or not on Dec 14 is (to me) a relatively minor
issue. The bigger issue is that it is moving forward out of the rut.

I'm thankful for steady progress.

As for this whole define/redefine thing... methinks that's exactly what we
are, and have been, engaging in!  But should neuro wish to take that in
another direction, that would be fine too...

We were very excited about your b.e.o. content ideas on #evolt; would be
neato if you outlined them here too....

> but we should view this as a chance not to hastily
> throw something together, because doing something half arsed is even
> worse than doing nothing at all.

I don't fully agree.  I mean, we've been working from a half assed site
for three years, from the sounds of it. I'm still of the "release early,
release often" mind.  Vitality and regular progress over perfection.

Maybe we have different ideas of what the 12/14 date means. To me, it's
more an internal thing, a goal of sorts.  In the past two months, we've
already managed to get a lot done, so I'd say that we will in fact have
cause to celebrate on 12/14, that we've already done a great deal.

> We should continue in the awesome fiery spirit erika has restoked, and
> make this community not only vibrant again, but relevant.

aw. that's why they call me a pitbull with teeth... wait... glasses?


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