[theforum] b.e.o. disclaimer?

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Nov 21 18:02:19 CST 2008

>> new stuff on b.e.o.!!!! HELL TO THE YEAH!!!
> /me bows.  More to come, pwomise.

thanks for all that... really helps (me) to get a better idea of the haps
at b.e.o.

BTW... I feel we really need some kind of disclaimer languge there... if
we have it already, it should be front and center...

Something like...

"We provide these browsers as a service to our community.  We do not
support them.  Use at your own risk!  If you download a browser and it
disrupts your system, terrorizes your pets, drinks all your beer, or flops
down on the couch and refuses to leave, evolt.org will not be able to help
you.  This goes double for all flavors if IE, and triple for IE6."

basically.  something like that. might cut the sad, frantic support
requests down a bit...


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