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ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Nov 21 21:12:24 CST 2008

> On 22 Nov 2008, at 00:09, Martin Burns wrote:
> Also:
> http://spool.evolt.org/?xsl=rss
> for #evolt irc link updating.
> and
> http://www.mibbit.com/widget.html
> for live, embeddable #evolt goodness


> Cos we don't do a big promotion of #evolt, and probably should

yeah.. & if yr really serious about wanting to feature articles, we could
"feature" the #evolt primer article that's already on the site (circa 2007
I think?).

re: hashtags
what I learned from #wordcampdx was that if you *declare* an official
hashtag (which we could do from thelist and/or by creating an evolt
twitter acct... evolt twitter acct also not a bad idea for regular updates
w/o "bothering" the list...) -- and people start using it, you can catch
some attention.

#wordcampdx people were twitteraholics, and by the end of wordpress camp
day, I think we were the top twitter meme. Of course, we were all about
beating wordpress camp Utah, and making Matt Mullenweg totally jealous...
I don't think wordpress camp Utah had free microbrew.... but I digress. 
#wordcampdx was huge for me in terms of meeting wordpress users/hackers,
and people who network regularly via twitter.  I'm thinking evolt could
make use of similar tactics.


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