[theforum] wikipedia's policies

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Nov 22 22:03:09 CST 2008

Check out this page, particularly the history section.

Wikipedia really embodies the best of "release early release often" and
"given enough eyes, all bugs are shallow."

Their editing guidelines are "be bold"
which basically boils down to "if it makes sense, do it."

and a very explicit explanation of how consensus works:

Pretty much the whole vibe of wikipedia is slanted toward getting as many
people to edit the site, as courageously as possible.  Information on
policy is available if you want it, but you're not required to know "the
rules" before you dive in and start to work.

This ability is no doubt largely facilitated by how the software works;
that editing history is so easy to roll back/retract/revert.  I don't know
if Drupal offers this type of functionality, but it would be useful to
have, especially if we are going to maintain and really feel empowered to
KEEP ALIVE multiple landing pages.


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