[theforum] the new CSS... now, please?

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Nov 23 04:05:40 CST 2008

On 23 Nov 2008, at 07:58, ekm at seastorm.com wrote:

>> There was a suggestion that we use Martin's version of the Mollio  
>> text
>> styles. Has anyone actually seen what that does to the current  
>> design?
>> Which styles are being used? Please tell me we aren't going to end up
>> with bright red headlines!
> Mollio styles are very vanilla, black headlines IIRC which are  
> visually
> heirarchical, which would be better than what we have.  There are no
> bright red headlines on those styles. Nothing besides black IIRC.

Mollio *linked* headlines are red (#c00 for unvisited links), but  
that's an easy fix and have in fact done so, returning them to the  
standard link colour.

Also upped the text size a wee bit again (was already increased from  
what's on weo).

>> What would you change the styles of the headlines to? What would you
>> change the styles of the paragraphs, lists etc to so that the
>> typography didn't suck and why would changing it that way make it not
>> suck?
> I think what Martin proposed is better than what we have now, and  
> that we
> should switch out, the way he pointed out, and then if that does  
> something
> bad, retract if necessary, and discuss.

The changes I proposed were intentionally light touch, with some input  
from Mollio (probably enough that a credit is reasonable).

And I think light touch change would be A Good Thing.

The existing css is already backed up in CVS. If I could remember how  
to check it out, then I would edit that way, so it's updated in CVS  
and can then be propagated to weo.


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