[theforum] the new CSS... now, please?

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 23 15:22:05 CST 2008

Tara wrote:
> Can you get me a screenshot of what you're seeing and can other people
> with IE7 please concur with Erika about the headlines before we go
> changing things unnecessarily?

Here are your IE7 screenshots:

> Unless we have some consensus about what it is
> we're doing and why then I don't see that we should do it.

This is why I've been sending a lot of wikipedia links.   Our idea of
"consensus" does not appear to be working. Theirs, in contrast, *does*
work.  Also, if you looked at the wikipedia history page, you'd note that
wikipedia is the spinoff from a *failed* encyclopedia project which
employed all kinds of gatekeeping/approval *before* entries could be
posted.  Interesting....

Our idea of "consensus" appears to be about largely *stopping* ANYTHING
from happening. And if I'm wrong, I'd like to know why we haven't made
perceptible progress with w.e.o in the past three years, and in some cases
(such as content guidelines) in the past SEVEN years.

Why can't people see "submit" buttons on IE6?  Why doesn't IE7 render list
bullets, or list numbers...& etc etc, & how long have things been like
this???  Seriously.

Yeah, let me go out on a limb and call this collection of issues major


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