[theforum] request for assistance editing w.e.o

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 23 21:28:33 CST 2008

Some things are not intuitive on w.e.o. so now maybe some of you who are
more experienced can help finish stringing things together.

First, let me describe what I've done; you all can take a look at changes
I made to URLs, determine if this was or was not a good idea, and take
action accordingly:


I edited this page directly, since it's an "evolt.org" account.  I'd
prefer it be a "page" rather than "story" though... maybe there is a way
to alter its status.

2. http://evolt.org/writers_guidelines
My *intent* was to rename, and switch this one out since:
a. it's a story, not a page and
b. it's authored by Amanda

I really think these general information pages should not be associated
with a single author (like a story), but the org.  And similarly, they
should be free to edit by anyone with admin access.

However, the system would not let me change rename this one, or reuse the
name "writers_guidelines" for a new page.  So the new page is

3. http://evolt.org/guide_code
is now

4. http://evolt.org/job_faq
is now

So IOW, my solution was to name my pages differently.   If there is a
better solution, please feel free to employ it.  That said...


1. http://evolt.org/node/add/story
links on this page need to be updated so they point to the current
guidelines.  (I can't see how to edit this page.)

2. http://evolt.org/faq
stickies at the top of this page need to be removed, and if necessary,

Also, my name shows up as the page author of the new pages. I would prefer
it be an admin account, or "evolt.org."  If there is a way to change that,
can someone make that change?

3. Any other place that needs link updating, anything else you can see
that needs to be fixed, altered, otherwise adjusted.



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