[theforum] Silence ....Doesn't need to be

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 24 14:38:49 CST 2008

Russ noted:

>>What we have now [snip] are useful but not exciting.

>>I would suggest a community site with [lotsa snipped stuff]

Hi Russ,

While I'm also not too keen on the hosting idea - (mostly cuz eventually some jujube would see evolt as a place to store & distribute their spam, warez & kiddie_porn ... We'd have to kill them, of course, and I gotta tell ya, getting blood stains out of the drupal modules is *such* a PITA!) - I do think you raise some points that should be addressed.

Social sites have been all the rage for quite some time.  That means that even the late-adopters among the evolt clan are playing with the shinyness.  We ought to have a way to highlight that and make it easier for evolters to see what other evolters are doing with this stuff.

[Heck, it's kind of embarassing how long it took to get an evolt.org group up on LinkedIn.  Thanks E!]

Now, I don't really want to see 300 new db fields added to the backend to enable members to enter their facebook site, myspace site, twitter account, public flickr, youtube channel, vimeo, etc.  But we ought to have some kind of 'evolt @ play' location (wiki?) where people who wanted to could share that information about themselves.  I know that *I* would be more inclined to check into a new social application if I knew a bunch of evolters were fooling with that particular moon.  It would also give me some folks to bounce questions off if I ran into a configuration issue or something.


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