[theforum] Outdated FAQ issues

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Nov 24 15:05:10 CST 2008

1. FAQ link on evolt.org front door:

(I try to resist questioning the value of the big loud sticky posts 
(BLSP) on top of our pages.... but you all know that question keeps 
coming up for me...WHY? Why do it at all, and why make that visual 
distinction the way we are doing. What are we trying to convey?)

How many of these articles could benefit from an update, and is there a 
good way to make the older articles fall down deeper into our archives 
(I don't know, create an "archive" category or something, so that older 
articles do not show up on our FAQ page?)

(Maybe if we could keep our landing pages up to date, we wouldn't need 
to visually distract via BLSP)

I think it would be nice to archive outdated FAQ articles, but use them 
as a launching pad to write updated versions; and *only* post up-to-date 
information to the FAQ page.

2. Some specifics:

A. is Networth hosting info still valid?

Does this company still donate money to evolt.org?

'Cause it still shows up on page 1 of our FAQ

B. I like Marlene's "Donate" article; maybe we could do an update. 
(Especially if/when we work out some of our schwag issues)

C. Interestingly, a lot of the posts on page 3 of our FAQ, though also 
older, do NOT appear to be outdated.


I can't figure out how to physically update evolt.org/faq... so.  Need 
help on this one, for anything to happen.


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