[theforum] CSS display issues on about us page

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Nov 24 17:02:57 CST 2008

.:| From: Erika
.:| >>> Even though you don't like the looks of it, you should never
.:| loose the
.:| >>> semantics of the correct order, right?
.:| >> That is not how I operate.
.:| >
.:| > well. I thought that we always use the correct structure
.:| (semantics) h2,
.:| > followed by h3, followed by h4, and changed the looks of each h*
.:| rather
.:| > than skipping h3 because they don't look good. Do you operate
.:| differently?
.:| >
.:| > /elfur
.:| Right.  The way I operate is that I do *not* subvert semantic
.:| structure
.:| in order to try to make headlines "look" nice with existing CSS. And
.:| to
.:| think I would deliberately do so, is almost insulting.  I'm a front-
.:| end
.:| developer, and a pretty decent one at that.

Darling Erika,

I did not intend any insult at all. I'll put this down to language barriers:
me not succeeding in getting my thoughts accross properly.

.:| I feel like focusing on a markup error in my work is redirecting
.:| focus
.:| from making a potentially useful global changes to the site.

I did not intend to draw your attention to markup errors as such - other
than perhaps solve the complaint you had re similarity of titles in the text
you presented.

Don't let my responses draw your focus away from the main things. I've said
it before: While I don't have time to work, my comments don't count ;)

Rock on.

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