[theforum] Outdated FAQ issues

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Nov 24 17:42:51 CST 2008

.:| I propose this policy:
.:| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
.:| 1. We should actively avoid keeping outdated information on our FAQ.
.:| 2. We should actively keep our our *entire* FAQ up to date.
.:| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I agree :)

Re the sticky articles.
Somewhere in the article it self (when in edit mode) you should see the
"sticky" option. It's been far to long since I used D4.6 for me to be able
to point you in the completely correct direction  there. In later editions
these options are at the bottom of the page, but I do remember that this was
not always the case. In D4.6, it's probably in more chaotic order.

.:| 2. Create a real "landing page" for FAQ, and only link to current
.:| articles.  Requires more maintenance effort than #1 I think.  So I
.:| favor #1.

You don't need to create a new landing page. Like Martin said, these are
categories - just create a new one named "old-faq" and put all the old stuff
in that category while maintaining the new items in the same category as


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