[theforum] Outdated FAQ issues

adrinux adrinux at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 04:19:12 CST 2008

2008/11/25 Erika <ekm at seastorm.com>:
> Ok, unless anyone objects, or has a better idea, that is what I'm going
> to do.
> And unless anyone objects, this page
> http://evolt.org/affliate_hosting
> is going into that category, along with the older versions of our
> writers guidelines and such...
No, don't faff with new categories, just edit the article and set it
to unpublished.
Right at the top of the edit page there is a check list of options,
uncheck Published.

Either it needs to be updated or it needs not to be published, leaving
it live but unlinked on the site isn't really desirable, it'll still
be accessible via google.

Just went to do that myself though and wierdness is happening - I log
in, go to the affiliate hosting page and when I arrive I'm logged out
I can reach it via admin > content > [filter by faq category] > edit

Adrian Simmons | http://perlucida.com

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