[theforum] evolt fans at teamworkpm (was: Re: the new CSS... now, please?)

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Nov 25 08:02:11 CST 2008

Hi Adrian,

"adrinux" <adrinux at gmail.com>
> Just got this reply from teamworkpm:
>> "We're sorry to see you downgrade your account but I will set a flag
>> on your account which will allow you to keep your projects while you
>> downgrade to the free version.
>> Just being curious, is there a particular reason with the app that you
>> are choosing to downgrade? We are big fans of Evolt.org and were
>> excited to see you guys using Teamwork Project Manager."
> Yes, evolt.org still has some kudos!
> I'm replying that it's nothing to do with them/all volunteer/don't
> want to spend money unnecessarily etc.
> Basically we just move everything into two projects, click 'downgrade'
> in the subscription section and we'll be fine.

I have some feedback for them:

I'd like Teamworkpm (and Basecamp) a lot more if it allowed users to 
participate (or even just monitor the progress of the project) by *email*. 
If care was taken so that the all the activity on the project came to me 
(or my mailing list) instead of me having to go log in and check it.  And 
my bosses (and the client bosses) would like daily or weekly progress 
reports emailed to them.  Fluffy HTML email reports are fine as long as 
they allow someone who's not intimately familiar with all the details of 
the projects to get "the 20,000ft view".

It's like the problem with mailing lists vs. web-based forums.  Some people 
like the web app forums and other like to passively skim their email. 
Almost no one likes both so products which don't cater to both types of 
users tend to disenfranchise one of them.

just my .02 USD :-)


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