[theforum] Outdated FAQ issues

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Nov 25 12:02:45 CST 2008

adrinux wrote:
> 2008/11/25 Erika <ekm at seastorm.com>:
>> Ok, unless anyone objects, or has a better idea, that is what I'm going
>> to do.
>> And unless anyone objects, this page
>> http://evolt.org/affliate_hosting
>> is going into that category, along with the older versions of our
>> writers guidelines and such...
> No, don't faff with new categories, just edit the article and set it
> to unpublished.

Ok, I just want to reiterate that I think it is *important* to keep 
these archival materials on our site (unlike all the other "unpublished" 
crap that never should be published and deserves to be vigorously DELETED).

Clearly, Roselli, Amanda, Marlene, etc put a shit-ton of work and time 
into their original versions of the FAQ which served us nearly eight! 
years, and which I have essentially plagiarized all the still-valid 
stuff from, and attributed to "evolt.org" user, before "unpublishing" 
the originals.

I used their work because it has become evolt.org *policy*, and only 
needed revision, not rethinking.  Also because I feel pretty confident 
they would be ok with what I did.  And if they aren't I feel pretty 
confident we/I would hear about it.
That said, again, it is !important that their original work stays in our 
database and is accessible, at least to us.

Cool?  THX!


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