[theforum] Publicity/testimonial in return for free teamworkpm account?

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Nov 25 13:56:12 CST 2008

adrinux wrote:
> We've been offered a free account in return for publicity etc:
> "What would you guys say to us giving you a free version of the
> Personal Plan (Existing account your on) in return for some publicity,
> testimonial etc?" Dan
> So:
> Do we want this?
> What can we provide in return?
> When can we provide it?

Yes, teamwork is a lot like basecamp.  For me, these kinds of sites are 
useful in that I am able to keep verbose records of what I've been 
doing, in a single place, as well as task lists, files I need to refer 
to, etc.

It *would* be nice if folks working on the evolt improvements were able 
to bookmark the site and check in even once a week or so, at least when 
their portion of things is active.  (For example, right now: whoever is 
working on content, front-end, database migration).  That could help 
your fellow co-conspirators who are not directly involved in your 
portion of things, stay in the loop.

I don't see evolt as a group endorsing a product, but maybe there is a 
way we can link to them and share some of our massive SEO mojo, in 
exchange for ongoing use of their product @ 5 projects.  We may find 
that we can use more of this type of support (free services in exchange 
for linkage), and that this issue comes up again for us.

I'm not sure how that would best be accomplished; maybe a new/updated 
"support" faq page that includes that link... and/or an update page of 
sorts...  Need think about it...


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