[theforum] our wiki

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Wed Nov 26 12:51:01 CST 2008

>-Could we make it a place to document our processes, and experiments,
>-failed or otherwise?
>-I think we need something that is directly focused on evolt structure,
>-process, projects.  

Yes if we decide to maintain a wiki it should be a documentation source
focussed on such things. I said I would take on organising it - assuming
that a wiki is required.

I've had a few thoughts and set up a wiki on my server at [1]. I've also
done a brief mindmap of a possible structure at [2]. These are only early
thoughts, but a good thing about wikis is that they can flex.

A couple of questions: 

1- Is the organisation stuff still relevant?
2- would you hold project docs on a wiki or use teamworkpm or point from
teamworkpm to a wiki for document detail?

The sandpit wiki I've built only has links around People and Organisation so
far. If I was to do more I'd do it on the real thing. I was just flexing
Media wiki to see what it does.

The last wiki I used was Confluence which had many sophisticated features;
what I learnt the hard way was that the more sophisticated you become, makes
it harder for non-wiki experienced folk to update - so it don't get used. So
anything we do should be pretty simple in terms of structure and
functionality - KISS

[1] http://evoltwiki.quiraang.com

[2] http://evoltwiki.quiraang.com/index.php?title=Image:Evolt_Community.png


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