[theforum] our wiki (evolt.org structure)

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Nov 26 13:52:12 CST 2008


Here is the current structure as I understand it

1. thelist - the community-at-large
2. theforum - aka "admin" - steers evolt
3. sysadmin - our sysadmin group
4. content - our editorial group

Each of these groups are associated with a discrete mailing list.  So I 
would say that, due to the nature of our org, our mailing lists reflect 
our org structure and vice versa.

The old desdev/marketing/steering are all *forum* functions now.  We 
have no formal committees anymore. buh-bye! Our org is organic, not 

Treasurer is the only formalized office that I know of.


Structurally, *community-building* is extremely important for us.  It 
keeps us moving forward with evolt.org, and it keeps us from destroying 
each other with death rays.

Community building structures:
1. thechat (mailing list that overlaps all other lists)
2. #evolt

newer/informal stuff:
evolt 2.0 groups started by different members, frappr, orkut, facebook, 
linkedin... some are more active than others.  I have them all linked (I 
think )  on http://10volt.org sidebar

twitter hashtags...

p.e.o.... this is Martin's baby I think...

Also, for community building, we try to encourage members to get to know 
each other on a face to face basis.


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