[theforum] our wiki

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Wed Nov 26 15:43:25 CST 2008

>-what? lightweight??? them's fightin' words!  (kidding!)

Aagh - only me - at least if I lose some more weight before Christmas - lost
7 pounds in two weeks doing more exercise, less food, and less beer (sob)-
Black Sheep is my downfall [1].

Also didn't help much that I had lunch today at Betty's in Harrogate - yummy
[2]- bought a Christmas pud too!

>-> ( could be an article there - When Wikis
>-> Go Bad)
>-Yes, please.   Articles.

Yes lets see how I do with the evolt wiki - I can maybe write that up as
case history or similar  ... ( good or bad)


[1] http://www.blacksheepbrewery.co.uk/

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