[theforum] our wiki

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Nov 27 13:29:11 CST 2008





weo web
leo lists
beo browsers
teo test.evolt.org
peo planet.evolt.org

(defunct, for the history section:
deo, directory pages - meo, member pages)



tip harvester
(defunct, evolt CMS)


Content/Editorial is just called "content" afik


Regarding people:

User pages are slightly different since they are a public face that 
shows up for example on articles written for w.e.o

I am thinking this page would be "admin-specific".
I often wonder, for example, who is on theforum,
how many people on theforum, etc... but I suppose
if they don't participate in discussions they won't
keep their wiki pages up to date, and it's all a moot point.

In addition to user pages, pretty much everyone in admin is immensely 
googleable.  So yeah, I'd concur w/ William it's a less important 


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