[theforum] evolt.org admin question

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Nov 28 17:19:27 CST 2008

.:| This is regarding the *original* evolt.org admin group.  How were
.:| they
.:| chosen?

The original original - the ones listed in the article you cited in that
other post - they all volunteered. An email was sent on MJ around dec 14th
informing the rest of us that offlist discussion had taken place after the
initial argument dan had with taylor or whoever fronted the "we own the
content" argument :) (please don't use this for any kind of article
reference, I'm writing from memory here and it probably is *very* faulty :))

Anyways, the email was sent to MJ informing the creation of guerillas on
vince's computer, for the intention of creating a new community which would
not have the rules and regulations we all disagreed with. And - those
interested headed over.

We probably sent a few emails to that list after that - the latest of which
announcing the launch of evolt.org to the public on April 1st (mailing list)
and June 1st (website) 1999. A few of us even maintained our MJ subscription
- to address any faulty discussions might be floutingabout us over there.

.:|  Was it *all* the first 30 or so members or did somone like
.:| Dan
.:| go out and pick the 3l33t among you? :)

As stated above, the original originals were not picked - but we did
approach certain individuals to assist us - to strengthen our force - both
traffic wise and brought them into admin very early on.

I think that even before April 1st, some of the names of the "who guerillas"
query had strayed away - some of them realised that they wouldn't have the
time to participate in what we did - it would be too time consuming.

After April 1st, for a good while (probably up to two years) we invited
people to join admin - this was one of the things we were critisised for -
people dropped words like "elitism" etc. and we responded by making the
first changes to the governing structure.

.:| I got involved on the admin side when thesite started up, but was
.:| never
.:| on the admin list.
.:| This is interesting, because the basis that was developed at that
.:| time,
.:| list guidelines, etc (I don't think they've ever been rewritten) has
.:| remained so solid.

Yes. We had solid people to work on those, people who gave their heart and
soul (and all their spare time) to evolt.org in the primary years. And we
did use ways to structure our work to ensure that all the ideas flying
around were caught and worked on.

We put our heart and soul into this thing and I'm certain that this was
almost the only hobby for many of us during the first years. This group of
people is the group that changed my life - virtually and literally.

Man, that was an interesting time.


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