[theforum] evolt.org admin question

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Nov 28 17:18:36 CST 2008

John Handelaar wrote:
> I just noticed (curious, I went looking) that the
> long-and-still-hidden archives of admin 

I never knew the archives were online.

> were subject to a complete and
> irreversible purge in November 2001, shortly after a soi-disant
> 'election' to appoint new members.

So IOW, the archives *after* Nov 2001 are still online somewhere? admin 
  list must have run well into 2002, no?

> I was once told by an unnamed admin that this was slightly marred by
> several instances of admin members discussing the rest of us behind
> our backs in extremely unprofessional and offensive ways. 

I know that happened sometimes. And communication issues were a huge 
problem. Not too surprising given that most of the players were pretty 
young (early to mid 20s) at the time. But we did end up poisoned and 
somewhat paranoid from that kind of stuff, that's for sure.

The old evolt.org also ran into a lot of toe-stepping and boundary 
issues... we tried to address that with processes and elections and such 
(I think most everyone was well-intended overall)... but then it maybe 
we started to err on the side of being too careful, not taking risks, 
not wanting to do anything w/o buy-in but unsure how (or when) to 
achieve buy-in. etc.

> that would certainly be one reason for about three years of
> evolt.org's history having been completely blown away.  And perhaps
> someone didn't want the new appointees to see what the list they'd
> just joined had been saying the month before.
> But we'll never know now.

unless someone has the archives on a hard drive somewhere, lol.

> [This is just another reason my eyebrow goes up whenever people start
> getting nostalgic for that period.]

the old forum archives should be an adequate cure for nostalgia.


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