[theforum] evolt.org admin question

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Nov 28 17:42:45 CST 2008

.:| I never knew the archives were online.

They never were ... or rather, they were always pw protected.

.:| > were subject to a complete and
.:| > irreversible purge in November 2001, shortly after a soi-disant
.:| > 'election' to appoint new members.
.:| So IOW, the archives *after* Nov 2001 are still online somewhere?
.:| admin
.:|   list must have run well into 2002, no?

If yes, then pw protected, not for public display.

.:| > that would certainly be one reason for about three years of
.:| > evolt.org's history having been completely blown away.  And perhaps
.:| > someone didn't want the new appointees to see what the list they'd
.:| > just joined had been saying the month before.
.:| >
.:| > But we'll never know now.
.:| unless someone has the archives on a hard drive somewhere, lol.

Well. One thing to remember is that *that* admin list was everything - it
was thechat+thesite+theforum+everything else in just one mailing list - we
discussed our private lives in a way we wouldn't want the rest of the world
to hear about - in a way shouldn't be heard about beyond close set of
friends. And we discussed a whole lot of other things in between that
discussion - even in the same email (at least in the same threads).

So it never was all about the elitism we were accused of, even though it
probably appeared that way to the ones "on the outside".

.:| the old forum archives should be an adequate cure for nostalgia.

Of course not, because theforum was used as the battle ground for the war.


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