[theforum] evolt.org admin question

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Nov 28 20:12:20 CST 2008

.:| > So it never was all about the elitism we were accused of, even
.:| though it
.:| > probably appeared that way to the ones "on the outside".
.:| FWIW I never accused you guys of being elitist, but because it was a
.:| "selection" process, that's why I sort of tongue-and-cheek used the
.:| term.  I didn't realize it was a sore spot, honestly.

Hehe. Not anymore, but it did affect us at the time. It's that
self-sensorship that happens when potentially bad words are used, regardless
of whether it's in a concious or inadvertent manner.

.:| also.  I was on Monkeyjunkies and missed the entire Dan vs. Taylor
.:| episode (it was a pretty high traffic list and I was pretty busy) and
.:| missed the whole thing.   Joined evolt as soon as I knew about it.

It very soon turned into something immencely larger than those two guys.
Putting Taylor at one end of that is pretty unfair - he was just doing his
job. We were fighting the system. Lycos had bought Wired and installed some
corporate structure on a thing we considered shouldn't be governed - in
particular not by "meat world" rules/structure. 

.:| > .:| the old forum archives should be an adequate cure for
.:| nostalgia.
.:| >
.:| > Of course not, because theforum was used as the battle ground for
.:| the war.
.:| Which war would that be?  are we still having a war?

That would be the re-entering of the storming phase :)
It was a very public war we fought in all the wrong places using all the
wrong methods.
With all the wrong results.
I would argue that it was over a year or two after it began, but it was
*extremely* costly for the community. I don't think anything is left of that
war, apart from regrets. Any or all frustration aired recently stems from a
different place.

.:| It never seemed
.:| like a war to me, even back then (let's say, April 2002), but man,
.:| some
.:| really felt that way. It was hard to have voice an opinion without
.:| someone taking offense or feeling threatened.

Yes it was. And people were unfairly categorised, amongst other things.

.:| FWIW I think it was a *very* smart move to open up the admin process,
.:| and lists.

I agree. And I also agree with Matt, that splitting up the lists was
important at the time it was done - even though other things resulted in us
bringing them together again.


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