[theforum] how big is evolt.org?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Sat Nov 29 22:41:16 CST 2008

Hi Erika,

"Erika" <ekm at seastorm.com> wrote:
> Ok, it's time to start thinking about the press circuit.
> :)
> One question I have, is how big is evolt.org?
> I am trying to describe us in terms of size/successes... what is our web
> traffic like

That's a vague question... :-)  but I'll take a stab.

These web stats are from (an old version of) AWStats
running on tempest:

  November 2008


      Unique visitors    118,379
      Number of visits   221,257 (1.86 visits/visitor)
      Page Views         430,004 (1.94 pages/visit)
      Bandwidth         14.52 GB (68.8 KB/visit)


      Unique visitors    250,788
      Number of visits   351,558 (1.4 visits/visitor)
      Page Views         779,848 (2.21 pages/visit)
      Bandwidth          7.92 GB (23.62 KB/visit)


      Unique visitors     30,603
      Number of visits    37,400 (1.22 visits/visitor)
      Page Views         146,194 (3.9 pages/visit)
      Bandwidth          2.46 GB (69.07 KB/visit)

Note that page views are down significantly across the board,
compared with the same period last year:

  November 2007


      Unique visitors    130,176
      Number of visits   280,505 (2.15 visits/visitor)
      Page Views         564,469 (2.01 pages/visit)
      Bandwidth         18.89 GB (70.61 KB/visit)


      Unique visitors    303,485
      Number of visits   447,365 (1.47 visits/visitor)
      Page Views         987,320 (2.2 pages/visit)
      Bandwidth         11.50 GB (26.95 KB/visit)


      Unique visitors     33,674
      Number of visits    42,128 (1.25 visits/visitor)
      Page Views         207,020 (4.91 pages/visit)
      Bandwidth          3.42 GB (85.13 KB/visit)


The key number I always look at is page views.  That's what
the ad revenue is based on.

It should be noted that these are the numbers AWStats reports as
"viewed traffic".  It separately reports "Not viewed traffic" (that
coming from spiders, crawlers and bots (oh, my!)).  So while these
are the numbers that interest me for ad-revenue purposes -- they do
a decent job of only slightly overestimating the number of pages
Google AdSense reports as being human-viewed -- the actual number
of hits, visitors and visits, as well as the *raw* http bandwidth,
are actually like 50% higher (yeah, the bot hits are insane!)

> ...what is our membership like

We have members?  Where do I sign up?  Will I have to pay dues?

I know you mean WEO/Drupal users, but I don't think having registered a web
login on WEO constitutes "membership".  It may be an interesting number,
but please don't label that number "Members" (especially when on the press
circuit!).  There may be large numbers of visitors who've registered in 
to post a single comment, but who neither frequent the site nor subscribe 
the list, and would never consider themselves "members of evolt" while,
conversely, I'm sure there are many subscribed to the list, perhaps for
years, who (whether we'd recognize their names or whether they are 
lurkers) *would* consider themselves members of this community, even though
they may have never (being the lurky type) felt compelled to registered on
the website.

> how many articles have we published?

Someone else will have to take this one.  Drupal is not my strong suit!

> Better ways to measure success/size of evolt?

Authors who have contributed articles, maybe?

Subscribers to the mailing lists?

  thelist:   3,471
  theforum:    95


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