[theforum] wiki uploads

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 30 12:06:33 CST 2008

Simon MacDonald wrote:
> Currently uploads are not allowed to the wiki.
> uploads would handle it initially. If  excessive abuse is noticed then maybe
> restrict to an uploadsallowed user group[2]
> Views?

Simon has structured our wiki (linked in the footer) so we can start 
working in it.   I went in and started working on it yesterday.  Email 
me offlist if I do stuff wrong, I'm a wiki-newbie.

The file upload issue came up for me yesterday in the oh-so-important 
realm of loading a giant (iow bigger than 180x90) image of myself on my 
user page.

It probably would be useful in other instances such a uploading our logo 
files, and/or wireframes, etc.  So if it could happen in a way that 
would not disrupt the system or its caretakers,  that would be nice.


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