[theforum] meta-user

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 30 12:23:57 CST 2008

Martin Burns wrote:
> Reading that article again, I'm reminded that a number of articles  
> about evolt were written by people who firmly resigned and asked that  
> their accounts be removed. At that point, the evolt-concerning- 
> articles' ownership was pragmatically reassigned to existing users -  
> mostly to .jeff. The article above being an example.

Who??? resigned AND asked their accounts be removed?  Gee whiz.

> If we're going to have a meta-user, I think that those articles should  
> be assigned to that meta-user.

Which articles are they?  It makes sense for FAQ articles to be under a 
meta user (like the cubes one you cited) -- but not articles expressing 
POV or opinion.

I put the about/faq stuff I was doing under meta-user "evolt.org" user 
following someone else's example, with the idea that anyone from admin 
could (and would) go in and edit it, wiki-style, as needed.

BTW... I am on board w/ the cubes because they are a form of karma, 
right... but they only represent quantity, not quality. (yes, yes, the 
ratings....) Yet I'll be so excited when I earn my second cube!!!


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