[theforum] evolt.org history mystery

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 13:59:58 CST 2008

> And with some of that in mind (particularly the 'core community' bit),  
> should we be thinking of having some way of highlighting/rewarding  
> members of the 'core community'?
> (It's kinda similar to /.'s way of having those with higher Karma  
> being priviledged to speak a little louder than those without - your  
> posts start off on a higher score)
> Now we do do a bit of that already with the number of cubes being  
> related to number of articles contributed
> http://evolt.org/cubes_definition/index.html
> but I'm wondering if we should be doing more?
I have to say, it's always bothered me that having articles published on
weo is the only way to contribute without donating money or getting
involved with theforum. It doesn't matter how good I get at what I do,
I'm probably never going to write an article for evolt simply because
I'm not a writer! And much as I would like to get more involved with
what's going on here on theforum, there's so much discussion going on
now, I can't even keep up with the reading, much less trying to put in
some actual work. Couldn't we find some way for people to contribute
that doesn't involve writing or having to commit tons of time to theforum?

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