[theforum] other ways to contribute

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Dec 1 17:34:15 CST 2008

Sarah Adams wrote:
> I have to say, it's always bothered me that having articles published on
> weo is the only way to contribute without donating money or getting
> involved with theforum. 

First, I think it's a good point, because it shows how/what we are 
communicating and not communicating.

Second, what Martin said.

Third, Look at what our needs are: community-building, site-improvement 
(content, design, and coding), finances -- and let's not forget 

And from there ask yourself what you could contribute.  Creative ideas 
are always welcomed. I especially like offbeat stuff (the pdf foldy 
cubes, stamps, stickers, twitter hashtaging).  Create a banner ad... 
(blog on 10volt.org!  post a photo of your baby wearing evolt gear on 
10volt.org!)... anything viral, evangelical, community oriented.

Of course, you may need to also be able to carry your own idea through 
to completion... People tend to get most invested in their own ideas 
anyway. (10volt.org!) :)


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