[theforum] member comment

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Dec 3 20:10:54 CST 2008

Matt Warden wrote:
> I asked someone if they wanted to write an article, and this was the
> response. I share as it may be insightful with regard to the effort to
> bring evolt more into relevance.
> "the real issue is that i think evolt and at least thelist are sort of
> fading out. thelist traffic used to be 5 or 10 times what it is today
> i think. maybe 5 years ago. i feel like ppl aren't using it so much
> these days."

Yes, it is a common perception, and the numbers bear it out.

No one can really deny that article submissions are down, site traffic 
is down, and list traffic is down.  It's all right there in front of us.

That's why IMO it's our job to step out particularly strongly and show 
that WE believe in this thing.  *IF* in fact, we do...  But if we don't, 
then we can't really expect anyone else to, can we?


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