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Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Thu Dec 4 17:09:22 CST 2008

>-Grammar snob? - Living the life of a perfectionist has its drawbacks.
>-It's easy to accept poor grammar in any language when it's not the
>-person's regular tongue (and the person is making an Effort), but when
>-the person is capable and chooses to get sloppy or lazy that's when it
>-becomes a challenge.

I find it really hard, and have to bite my (grammatical) tongue because I
was taught grammar and spelling by Mrs Wilson (Presbyterian, authoritarian
school teacher; I'm talking 1961, here) who was a perfectionist, and beat it
into us, quite literally. Yes I know the English language is a moving feast;
compare Chaucer, through Thomas Hardy, and Scott Fitzgerald, and they are
poles apart, but we can still understand them. BUT I still wince at bad
grammar/spelling, even though I know I should move on. I get my partner to
proof read my content, and she says, 'I've taken out all those extra commas
again'. ;)

Who would know a split infinitive if it bit them in the arse? :D

I'd be interested to know if evolt.org has a literary style guide; or is
that too much an imposition to put on potential authors?


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