[theforum] Teamwork PM - Feedback Reply

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Dec 4 18:11:13 CST 2008

dan at teamworkpm.net wrote:
>       Teamwork PM - Feedback Reply
> Hi Erika,
> I am not in the office right now so don't have my email at hand but I was 
> talking to a colleague of yours who asked the same question regarding the 
> subscription. I told him that there is no problem with dropping the subscription 
> and I have flagged your account to stay at the current plan. I asked him to talk 
> to the rest of evolt.org and see if there was some way we could self promote 
> each other or if we could get some exposure in return for a free account on 
> Teamwork PM. We are big fans of Evolt.org and would love to see you continuing 
> to use Teamwork.
> The best thing to do is to click Subscription in the app and downgrade your 
> account. Double check in Paypal that the recurring payment subscription is 
> cancelled. Your teams work will not be removed and they will be able to access 
> it all.
> Looking forward to hearing from you,
> Dan.
>       This is feedback for your message:
> I was trying to figure out when this cycle ends... I've been paying for this 
> evolt.org site and need to end my subscription before I'm 
> charged again. However, I want to make sure everyone can download whatever info 
> they need first.
> I know Adrian was talking w/ you about an extension... I don't know honestly if 
> we'll need it much beyond Dec 15... I've made more use of this than anyone else 
> w/ evolt.org.
> It *would* OTOH be nice if we could work out some way to mutually promote 
> ourselves... since evolt.org is "leaderless" it's hard to take positions as a 
> group, but we can do some things.
> Thanks,
> Erika
> ekm at seastorm.com

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