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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Dec 7 03:54:16 CST 2008

On 7 Dec 2008, at 02:22, Erika wrote:

> Martin wrote about it here:
> http://wiki.evolt.org/wiki/Internationalisation_and_Localisation
> But I have a difficult time understanding what Martin is saying,

> or how
> to implement the vision as articulated.

Which bit isn't clear?

In technical terms:

a) Need for users to be able to set a language pref and/or to do that  
automatically from browser string. Drupal does that for free.

b) Interface needs multi-lingual support by having translations of a  
moderately large, but limited set of strings, and for the set to swap  
depending on (a) above. Drupal gives us that for free (and in fact  
we're already using it to relabel some UI elements in more evolt-like  
English terms). To extend it needs translators.

c) Main content needs multi-lingual support. Can't remember how well  
Drupal supports this, but essentially, articles need the ability to  
have multiple versions from which the displayed version is as per (a)  

d) All content needs to be HTML-marked up with correct language,  
particularly at changes within a page. I imagine this is a template  
issue, assuming (a) above.

and in policy terms:

e) there is no assumption of a 'main language' although all Interface  
and (nearly) all content is in one or other variation of English  
already, and this can be considered as a default pick if nothing else  
is available or chosen (think: Search bots). Therefore no mandatory  
requirement for any given article to be translated into any given  
language. While more translations are always good, we will never hold  
up an article for lack of translations - assuming that one of our  
editors understands it well enough to review of course.


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